1. Eye : We concern for the eradication of blindness. Our O.T. and doctors are in action.
  2. Health awareness and care and Treatment almost daily – Dental, Orthopaedic, Gynaecology, Mother and Child care.
  3. Homeopathy department in full swing for the treatment.
  4. Self-Employment : Earn and stand on your own economic strength.
  5. Peerless Skill Academy : Skill Development Academy for skill in different trades.
  6. We stand by the people in distress – Cloth, Blanket distribution.
  7. Water is life : We concern every drop of water by serving drinking water around the clock.
  8. Education is the panacea of all evils. Helping the poor, economically retarded children for upgrading the merit through our free coaching centre.
  9. GadadharAbhyudayPrakalpa : 2 units for 100 children for 365 days in high moral tuning.
  10. VivekVahini : Young boys under the process of ‘being’ a good citizen.
  11. DurgaPuja : Very old and traditional Belur Math style Durga Puja started by Holy Mother Sarada Devi.
  12. 24 December : Dhuniutsav : 24, 25, 26 December every year we celebrated the day of self-realisation and renunciation colourful procession and Nara Narayan seva in mass – attractive figures.
  13. Your contribution in money or kind is our hope. I.T. Exemption under 80G(5)(VI) of I.T.Act 1961.