Cataract eye operation was done on 17 July 2022. 18 male and 35 female patients were operated at free of cost.

Daily Annadan (Narayn Seva) started from June 13, 2022. 38 person enrolled. Other service activities continuing. Your contribution is only our source.

1st phase of flood relief 2021 was done on 8th August 2021 Sunday at five villages in and around Purva-Govindapur, Jnagipara, Hooghly. Rice, Dal, Soyabin and Tarpaulins were distributed amongst 240 families.

Scholarship was given to 14 students who passed MP & HS this year on 16.08.2020. The students are the active members of our Vivek-Bahini (Youth Cell) unit of Antpur Math. The devotees and well wishers are requested to arrange funds for us for providing scholarships to poor students and purchasing text books for them.

The Corona Pandemic (COVID-19) Relief work has been started from 09 Apr 2020. A packet of grocery items will be provided to 2000 families. Each packet contains; Rice 5 kg, Dal 1 kg, Soyabin 200 gm, Salt 1kg, Soap 2 pc, Coconut oil 50 ml, Biscuits 2 pkts.

Ramakrishna Math, Antpur distributed 23735 Kg Rice, 4810 Kg Dal, 4855 Kg Salt, 910 Kg Soyabean, 9500 packets Biscuit, 9500 bottle Coconut oil, 9500 bar Soap, 50 Kg Potato, 600 Kg Milk Powder, 750 Kg sugar, 750 Kg Bengal Gram, 3000 packet Health Drink, 600 Kg Farina, 3000 packet Vermicelli, 3000 packets Biscuit among 37516 recipients of 8710 families belonging to 82 villages in Hooghly and Howrah Districts of West Bengal from 7 April 2020 to 27 May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photos of Swami Premananda, Direct Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna

There is indeed no end to their spirituality exhibited at Antpur.

Ramakrishna Math Welfare 2014 - Distribution of Sewing Machine, Van Rickshaw

Celebrations at Ramakrishna Math Antpur

Dhuni Utsav 2014 at Ramakrishna Math Antpur

‘Swachh Bharat Abhijan’ – Clean India 2015 programme

Flood Relief by Ramakrishna Math, Antpur

Shiksha Bibhag